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D'ni Language Research Project confirms Cartographer related words

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Cooperation between Dr. Watson and the D'ni Linguistic Fellowship is going well. This week, new words have been confirmed to be in the D'ni lexicon.

[Confirmed] Map, Mapper, Guild of Cartographers

bah-tsah-nah - baxana - n. map
(b)bah-tsen - baxen - v. to map
bah-tsen-tahn - baxentan - n. cartographer (lit. "mapper")
tel-bah-tsen - telbaxen - n. Guild of Cartographers (short for tel-okh-bah-tsen-tahn-tee)

New D'ni words are expected to be released in the following weeks through the DLF forum.

Translation Note: The Inglés version of this content is being displayed because the Español translation is unavailable.
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